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Core Business



The right decision at the right time for securing the future means

To have the right partner as iwp  

To have competences and advantages as also

To avoid incompetence


We care about and cure:

Cost pressure in  

– Personnel deployment

– Energy and raw materials

– Maintenance

– Fulfillment of official requirements and regulations


Personnel reduction regarding of

Optimization of organizational processes

– Technical equipment

– Avoiding the loss of Know How 


Loss of competence towards the customer is a result of

– Lack of trust

– Lack of information exchange

– Lack of time

– Missing or insufficiently qualified contact persons 

– Personnel and structure reductions

– Dysfunctional structures


Complexity of the requirements

– Producing a homogeneous product out of inhomogeneous raw materials

– Consideration of the entire process

– Know How of the process complexity to have a chance to simplify process operations for teaching and explaining

– International / national frame conditions for burning lime