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„Embodied“ real Competence

Dr.- Ing. Georg Kehse

Education: Study and dissertation in the field of industrial furnace construction and heat technology


Active responsibility:

Personal / management  

– Chief engineer in the Institute for Energy Process Engineering of Technical University of Clausthal 

– Development engineer at Wieland Werke, Ulm, casting copper (working one year in USA)

– Plant Manager of a lime plant of Rheinkalk GmbH & Co. KG (140 employees) 

– Closing the burning operation of a lime plant and personnel reduction of the stuff

– Technical director of a lime group in Germany responsible for the entire technique

– Coordination and yearly check of the entire Investigation of the lime group 

– Leadership of teams for evaluating  strategic concepts for single lime plants 

– Evaluating of concepts for securing locations of lime plants

– Technical management director at Vereinigten Kreidewerken Dammann KG (responsible for 3 plants)