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Corporate network in cooperation with:

• German Federal Association in Cologne  

• Institute for Lime and Mortar Research e.V., affiliated institute to the German Federal Association 

• EESAC SAS Energy & Environment Consulting
(Experts for the advanced understanding of pollutant formation in the flue gas of lime kilns)

• LUCKS Feuerfesttechnik GmbH (Engineering refractory and installation of refractory)

• Producer of refractory

• Geologists und Hydro geologists

• Ground engineer

• Machine producer (sieving machines, filters, kiln manufactures, silos also after ATEX-regulations, PCC-plants, etc.)

• Deliverer of fuels 

• Company for project management (in projects important to control time and budget)

• Universities (heat transfer, kiln manufacturing, flow simulation with flame, investigations of fuels)